The Neocon, The Messiah, and Cory Booker

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Libertarian for President; Former Democratic Senator (AK)

Will you be man enough to own up to the error of your ways if you turn out to be wrong? He is about to absolve himself, Cheney, Rove, Rumsfeld, and their cronies from prosecution for their part in the most corrupt, amoral, incompetent, and criminal administration that has ever controlled the lives of every creature on the face of this earth. Do you Republican trolls really care about some financier who was over-zealously prosecuted by Rudy Giuliani? Even if he were guilty as charged, his crimes do not exceed those of the financial moguls we have just begun to bail out.

The Left Starts to Dump Obama

The very fact that Georgians elected Saxby Chambliss at all speaks very poorly for them. The fact that his disgusting attack ads in the election cycle were actually effective was shocking. Nonetheless, it looks like Georgians will re-elect one of the scummier members of the Senate…. Right-wing extremists like to blather on endlessly about taking personal responsibility, but it is something that they rarely practice themselves.

Mark Wilkes Barre PA was the only right-winger here that had the character and integrity to take some responsibility. The rest, who spent months calling Obama supporters delusional idiots for thinking that he might win, never took any responsibility for their words whatsoever. It is amazing that those same people still blather on here as if their opinions could still be taken seriously. Before the election, I stated here that if I was wrong, and Obama lost, I would make an announcement here that I was wrong and had no business making predictions.

On election day I was absolutely prepared to live up to that promise, because as opposed to the right-wing trolls that continue to shirk responsibility for their words, I value integrity. Almost too easy for the comedians, really…. Unfortunately the joke is on them because Chambliss is not good for where we have to move this country. Once again, Eric Holder is Mr. Pardon, Mr. It is a sad day here in GA. Sad because we have had to endure one of the most annoying, anti-democratic campaigns in history. While the Martin campaign did fill the airwaves with some bits of truth about the voting record of Sen.

Since it seems it would be a bad campaign move for Martin to address these accusations, we voters are left with a sick feeling of not knowing what to make of any of it.

the neocon the messiah and cory booker Manual

Therefore, it is a sure thing that the status quo will win out and we will have six more years of representation by a back bench, do-nothing Senator. Holder should take his naps outside of government service. Will you be willing to do the same if he does?

Just be clear — I am an independent who suppotred Obama. I am not a Republican. I posted a question about Holder. In response, HD posted a piece suggesting that any question of Holder is some how a political attack. It is not. There are legitimate questions.

Michelle Obama speaks to the Democratic national convention - as it happened

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Learn more More Like This. The Man in the Net Crime Mystery. The Brass Bottle Comedy Fantasy. Stars: Alan Ladd, Edward G. Robinson, Joanne Dru. She worries about what might come next, and what might happen to the Christians and other religious minorities who live there. This morning, the Daily Beast tried to link her to David Duke. The dumb people on tv are mad too.

This trip has already come back to bite her. When she takes on President Trump over his coziness with dictators, people will say, hello, you went to Syria to meet with a dictator. She was criticized. Democrats continue to criticize her.

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She didn't do it with anybody's permission. And I think meeting with a brutal dictator like Assad, particularly given current affairs right now, particularly given a president who, as you point out, has been criticized for cozying up to dictators. I think she will not only be criticized within the Democratic Party, but I think it makes her a less effective candidate. She can't position herself against Trump about meeting with dictators when, in fact, she's done it herself.

So, you know, I think she has -- she's going to have some problems. It might be treason. Yes, the Chinese murder their political opponents and put Muslims in concentration camps. But whatever. And the left is definitely for those.

Cory Booker is running for VICE President

Obviously, we're heading out of day 25 and to day This is by far the longest government shutdown in So my own view Back to Videos. Nancy Pelosi State of the Union.

The Argument For a Centrist Democrat In 2020

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The Neocon, The Messiah, and Cory Booker The Neocon, The Messiah, and Cory Booker
The Neocon, The Messiah, and Cory Booker The Neocon, The Messiah, and Cory Booker
The Neocon, The Messiah, and Cory Booker The Neocon, The Messiah, and Cory Booker
The Neocon, The Messiah, and Cory Booker The Neocon, The Messiah, and Cory Booker
The Neocon, The Messiah, and Cory Booker The Neocon, The Messiah, and Cory Booker
The Neocon, The Messiah, and Cory Booker The Neocon, The Messiah, and Cory Booker

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