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Depending upon the needed skill set and current floater availability, departments should expect a minimum of 1 to 2 weeks for their request to be filled.

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This time can be expedited if floater services are given advance notice when available. Floater Services prescreens all applicants to include face to face interviews, reference checks and background checks. Departments are charged an hourly rate based on the tier level selected within the floater request form [pdf]. Departments are required to select a tier that best represents the level of job duties that will be performed.

An invoice will be sent to the department with the charge amount and departments will be billed once a month to the department number and fund number provided on the floater request form. Please see the floater website for a list of daily rates. Floater Services takes into consideration all of the needs and requirements requested by the department through the floater request form.

Based on those requests, Floater Services selects or recruits candidates that possess the needed skills and qualifications to successfully perform the duties of the position. If more than one candidate fits the description, Floater Services will send the department the work history and experience of the top 3 candidates. The department can then choose the applicant they feel best fits their need. In addition, floaters must complete a paper timesheet given by Floater Services to track their time for each week. The paper time sheet must be signed by the department contact and the floater, and then submitted to Floater Services every Friday no later than 5 pm.

All floaters are given a general overview of the assignment to include the job description provided by the department, the department location, the department contact they are to report to, and the anticipated length of the assignment. Eye floaters do not usually require treatment, as they themselves do not cause any harm to the sight. However, in some cases, eye floaters may make it difficult to see and will require removal to restore sight. The main symptoms of eye floaters are small areas in a person's field of vision that seem out of place.

They may also appear as a dark or lighter area of vision. Sometimes, the area where the floater is will look slightly blurry compared with the rest of the field of vision. Floaters are tiny but can significantly affect the vision, as they are very close to the input of the eye.

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One characteristic of eye floaters is that they seem to dart back and forth across the field of vision. Trying to look directly at a floater will cause it to move away in the direction the person looks. Eye floaters are a natural phenomenon due to the vitreous body of the eye. The vitreous helps give the eye its round shape. Floaters occur when this vitreous body starts to shrink. As it shrinks, little fibers can break away and become stringy. This is what doctors call vitreous detachment. This detachment causes stringy masses of vitreous that can disrupt light coming into the retina.

This casts a tiny shadow into the eye, which is what makes floaters noticeable. Eye floaters are a normal part of the aging process.

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The American Society of Retina Specialists note that conditions such as vitreous detachment, which causes more floaters, are more common after the age of Everyone can get eye floaters at some point, though most people ignore them. Many may only notice them when they look at a blank, bright surface or area such as the sky. Although they can be distracting at first, most eye floaters tend to settle down to the bottom of the eye, beneath the field of vision. However, the American Society of Retina Specialists recommend that a person who notices sudden symptoms such as floaters get checkups with an ophthalmologist within the first few months after the symptoms appear, to check for any signs of more serious issues.

Although some floaters in the eye may be a normal part of the aging process, experiencing a sudden increase of floaters in the eye may be a sign of another issue, such as retinal detachment. When retinal detachment occurs, it is not uncommon for people to experience other symptoms along with eye floaters. They may experience flashes of light that are not there, especially in the side of their fields of vision. They may also experience a loss of vision in the sides of their eyes. Retinal detachment is serious and may lead to blindness without treatment.

Anyone who notices a sudden and noticeable increase in floaters, along with other symptoms, should see an eye doctor immediately. Anyone who notices a sudden increase in eye floaters should see an eye doctor to obtain a complete diagnosis. Although it may not be possible to prevent eye floaters, it is still helpful to follow some basic practices to keep the eyes healthy. These include:. Although floaters may be irritating when a person notices them, they do not pose any direct threat to the sight.

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In most cases, floaters settle down to the bottom of the eye, beneath the field of vision. The Columbia University Department of Ophthalmology estimate that it can take up to 3 months for a person's first floater to completely detach. In rare circumstances, floaters may become very dense and potentially disrupt a person's vision.

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In these cases, a doctor may recommend a procedure called a vitrectomy. During a vitrectomy, a healthcare professional will surgically remove the vitreous gel causing the floater. They will then replace this vitreous gel with a saline solution, or a bubble filled with gas or oil. Most people notice no difference between the vitreous and the saline solution after surgery. Doctors generally reserve this procedure for serious circumstances, as it comes with its own set of potentially serious complications. These include cataracts and retinal detachment.

A laser treatment method called laser vitreolysis may break apart or dissolve larger floaters, making them less noticeable. However, laser therapy is not for everyone. An ophthalmologist will need to do a complete diagnosis in each case to see if the person could benefit from laser therapy. Many people will experience eye floaters at one point or another.

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They can be annoying but are often harmless. Eventually, they may settle outside the field of vision, and most do not require treatment. In very rare circumstances, eye floaters may disrupt vision and require surgical treatment. A sudden, very noticeable increase in eye floaters may also be a sign of other serious issues, such as retinal detachment, which could lead to blindness if a person does not receive prompt medical treatment. Anyone who notices a sudden increase in eye floaters should visit an eye doctor for a full diagnosis. Article last reviewed by Wed 17 July All references are available in the References tab. Bakri, S. Posterior vitreous detachment. Boyd, K. Floaters and flashes treatment.

Eye health tips. Vitreous detachment.

MLA Johnson, Jon.

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