The Financing of Nuclear Power Plants

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Just two weeks ago, American energy secretary Rick Perry came to Poland with the first visit.

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This is an important element of diversification of sources of gas supplies to Poland and reduction of dependence on suppliers from the Eastern dominant until now. Although LNG and opposition to the construction of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline forced by Russia have dominated Polish-American talks on energy cooperation, much attention was also paid to nuclear energy.

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Among them, in addition to security of gas supply and cybersecurity of the energy sector, he named nuclear energy. In the joint declaration on enhanced cooperation in the field of energy security signed on November 8, they were listed as special directions of cooperation, among others:.

In addition, during the meeting with the Government Plenipotentiary for strategic energy infrastructure Piotr Naimski, Secretary Perry pointed out that nuclear power is an element of diversification and building energy security.

Energy coverage from Saudi Arabia to Texas

This confirms the position contained in the joint declaration of September 18 from the meeting of President Andrzej Duda with his counterpart in the US, Donald Trump. It pointed out that both countries will increase their efforts for energy cooperation, including diversification and nuclear energy. At that time, they talked about the possibilities of industrial cooperation between companies from both countries, including the chances of including Polish companies in the global supply chain for the nuclear sector.

Will the US co-finance the nuclear in Poland?

Until now, the United States did not seem to be a leader in the fight for the Polish nuclear. According to the commentators, China, South Korea or Japan could become a partner. At the beginning of , a delegation from the Ministry of Energy talked about the Polish nuclear with representatives of the American authorities and the Department of Trade and Energy.

At that time, the topic of developing a high-temperature reactor HTR was also discussed. The then deputy minister of energy, Andrzej Piotrowski, recalled during his visit to the US that in a team was set up whose task was to prepare for the implementation of HTR in Poland, regardless of the construction of a nuclear power plant. As the Ministry of Energy pointed out in the communique, the application of this solution on the Vistula would in the future enable a significant reduction in natural gas imports, used as a source of heat in the chemical industry.

However, despite many meetings, also with other nuclear technology providers, Poland still has not made a final decision on the construction of a nuclear installation.

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In other words: the decision on the nuclear has still not been made, as well as the one on energy strategy. The date of announcing the decisions has been repeatedly postponed. According to the current declarations of the Ministry of Energy, by the end of the year we are to know the shape of our energy mix and it will turn out whether nuclear will be in it. There is not much time left until the end of December.

The Financing of Nuclear Power Plants - en - OECD

This would transfer risk from developers to consumers, but is designed to bring more investors to the table. A RAB model is used to incentivise private investment into public projects by providing a secure payback and return on investment for developers. Within this mechanism, energy companies manage the infrastructure project, taking ownership of the assets and operating costs.

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In return, they will be able to raise revenue, often through customer bills, and can also be offered government subsidies. For customers, they can expect a more reliable power supply and better quality service due to new investments. To counteract this, a government regulator or watchdog will ensure that prices are not set too high and to provide efficiency incentives that would normally be motivated under a competitive market. Energy customers would have to shoulder the burden if a project goes wrong, such as in the event that construction takes longer than planned and costs spiral.

Instead, the industry has responded to escalating costs with escalating demands for government support.

Nuclear Power Cost

If we want to reduce the climate impact of electric power generation in the United States, there are less costly and risky ways to do it than expanding nuclear power. A UCS analysis of new nuclear projects in Florida and Georgia shows that the power provided by the new plants would be more expensive per kilowatt than several alternatives , including energy efficiency measures, renewable energy sources such as biomass and wind, and new natural gas plants.

New Energy Finance's Gadomski on German Nuclear Power

Public financing for energy alternatives should be focused on fostering innovation and achieving the largest possible reduction in heat-trapping emissions per dollar invested—not on promoting the growth of an industry that has repeatedly shown itself to be a highly risky investment.

We can make nuclear power safer—but not without you. Your generous support helps develop science-based solutions for a healthy, safe, and sustainable future.

Urge Congress to demand the Nuclear Regulatory Commission enforce its fire safety regulations and establish a clear, realistic timeline for compliance by all nuclear power reactors.

The Financing of Nuclear Power Plants The Financing of Nuclear Power Plants
The Financing of Nuclear Power Plants The Financing of Nuclear Power Plants
The Financing of Nuclear Power Plants The Financing of Nuclear Power Plants
The Financing of Nuclear Power Plants The Financing of Nuclear Power Plants
The Financing of Nuclear Power Plants The Financing of Nuclear Power Plants
The Financing of Nuclear Power Plants The Financing of Nuclear Power Plants
The Financing of Nuclear Power Plants The Financing of Nuclear Power Plants
The Financing of Nuclear Power Plants The Financing of Nuclear Power Plants

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