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Forums General Men from mars and women from venus Sankie JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Beta Forum - Posts will be deleted. Jan 24, 8 0 0. There is a lot of negative talk about 'sankies', isn't it the case that relationships between local men and foreign women can be mutually beneficial.

Rocky Honorificabilitudinitatibus. Apr 5, 13, 92 0 www.

Rocky said:. I don't know if they're beneficial, but if it makes you feel any better, there's a lot of negative talk about the foreign women too. Oct 24, 22 0 0. May 18, 0 0. Sanky Panky The Movie A little off subject Kyle New member. Jun 2, 4, 80 0. Apr 4, 64 0 0. A sankie is a sankie The only difference is the tourist isn't falling for it! Not to mention, who says the tourist is paying? If they're going in with eyes wide open, they can play the sankie at their own game The "experienced" or whatever you might call it sankies seem to invest a little of their own money, because in turn they expect a lot more to come their way later..

Sep 20, 4, 45 0. A little off subject If they are both playing the game then no one is being exploited, but even women who have knowledge of sankies may still believe them. AZB New member. As thanks for the information you have given me I will spare your lives. Consider yourselves lucky. You may continue on your way. He waved his hand at them in a dismissive gesture. The teens laughed at that and began to walk away from Dantalion. The boy seemed to think my attire was unusual for this era. Are there no warriors about?

KuroKoneko Kamen

I will have to remedy this immediately. The demon mused to himself as he stroked his chin in contemplation. Dantalion continued to meander through Central Park until he exited and came to a sidewalk that was right next to a street. He glanced down and glared suspiciously at the sidewalk. The demon stomped his boot down against the perfectly flat surface.

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It seems the humans have improved the process of making their streets and they are no longer cobbled. Dantalion continued to hop up and down on the sidewalk before he finally contained himself. The demon looked up and took a single step back, shocked by what he was seeing in front of him. Calm yourself Dantalion and think logically.

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He could instantly see that there were humans inside of the things. Ah, carriages. Dantalion nodded, feeling proud of himself. These must be modern-day carriages.

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Not bad, lowly humans. The Duke of Hell was impressed. Though the same feat could have easily been accomplished by a demon using his demonic power or magic. Dantalion looked across the street. A young woman dressed in silver armor with closely cropped blonde hair, and a sword strapped to her side. Dantalion exclaimed as he watched her walk past on the other side of the street. The young woman was laughing and surrounded by a group of friends who were dressed strangely. Probably in costume.

Dantalion glared at the cars defiantly. Nothing will stop me from confronting that wench about her betrayal! The demon sneered as he began to stalk across the street and the cars continued to speed by. A car was heading straight for him, but Dantalion merely turned and stretched out his left hand. I command you to halt, pathetic human!

In that instant, someone gripped his arm and forcibly tugged him backwards. Look out! A concerned sounding, female voice shouted. Dantalion fell backwards onto the sidewalk and ended up landing on top of the body of a human female. It was a young woman. No, a nun. The nun was dressed in a pale blue dress with a white collar. The collar and dress were decorated with crosses. The nun wore a blue and white habit on her head, which hid her hair color. It was an impressive piece and looked ancient.

It was a cross of Lorraine and had two bars across the main one. Jeanne the Maid had worn a similar piece of jewelry more than five hundred years ago. Could it?

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Dantalion bit down on his tongue to stop the insults that wanted to fly out of his mouth. The demon had met a few nuns before and they always grew extremely angry if one cursed in front of them. He continued to stare down at the young woman and she stared up at him as if frozen in fear. This of course was not unusual. It was a hundred pounds, and had glossy, golden-yellow fur. Dantalion was surprised to note that the dog had also been dressed in a costume.

A mindless beast in a cape?

Sanky Panky Pirate Sanky Panky Pirate
Sanky Panky Pirate Sanky Panky Pirate
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Sanky Panky Pirate Sanky Panky Pirate
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Sanky Panky Pirate Sanky Panky Pirate
Sanky Panky Pirate Sanky Panky Pirate
Sanky Panky Pirate Sanky Panky Pirate

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