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For instance when we have reservations at a restaurant or after a long day of wandering around and needing to re-find the hotel?

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I am very directionaly challenged and this is already causing anxiety!! Even that isn't perfect, in Venice, but it will help immensely. It will give you not only walking directions but directions using the vaporetto boats, knowing their schedules - e. Otherwise, try to give yourself extra time.

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Don't schedule things too tightly. If you have dinner reservations for 7pm, leave enough enough so you can arrive early. Get a good paper map. Google map on your phone works too. Plus there are yellow signs everywhere at every corner to point you to the main spots like Ferrovia or railway station, Piazzale Roma, Rialto bridge, San Marco, Accademia, etc.

Check images below:. Look up at the corners of buildings at street calle intersections, and you'll see signs with arrows pointing in the direction of major landmarks, like Rialto, St Marks, etc. Just keep walking in that direction until something looks familiar.


Getting Lost in Venice!

Will you have a vaporetto pass? If there's no extra cost for riding, sitting on a floating bus is the way to go!

Know the name of your vaporetto stop!! And with a pass, if you get one going the wrong way, you can change at the next stop. Carry the map from your hotel. There are lots of directional street signs, but when one says "per San Marco" and has arrows pointing two opposite diections, it may be time to politely ask for help.

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I agree if you got a Smart phone no way to get lost. I never use a map anymore and my travel companion who is more adept navigates for us; you can have the people traveling with you do the same. I too got lost in Venice one late night in with a red head on my arm.

At that time, I could care less where I was. But give yourself at least one day where you have no obligations, no schedule, no appointments.

The joys of getting hopelessly lost, in the district of Castello

Ignore the Crowds The further away you get from the well-worn main pathways in Venice, the better chance you have of getting lost. As an added bonus, walking away from crowds in almost any direction in Venice is also more likely to lead you to those elusive good places to eat in the city, as well as decidedly un-touristy things like hardware and grocery stores, reminding you that this surreal wonderland is still home for some people. Ignore the Tourists The number of people who actually live in Venice is shrinking at an alarming rate, but there are still enough people who call Venice home that you can find them out and about on any given day — and paying attention to where they go as opposed to where the visitors go is another great way to get lost.

Lest you want to get lost in a Venetian police station, however, I do recommend you stop short of following the locals into their homes. My advice is after visiting the main places such as Saint Mark Square, Grand Canal and Rialto Bridge the most crowded areas of Venice for good reason , forget about the Google Starred Places and other maps and get away from the tourist crush of Venice. At some point, you will no longer have an idea where you really are. Ta daaa! Just make sure you leave enough time to go ahead into the private side of Venice where you could wander for hours and feel the vibrant local Venetian life!

I always like to run away from the crowds.

Getting Lost in Venice

The quality of your visit turns better and better with each meter of additional distance between you and the tourist site of Venice. The never-ending maze of Venezia will lead you to some not-well-known local pasticceria, local grocery stores, fresh laundry hanging above the canals, children playgrounds and noisy cafes — the proof that Venice is still home for some people… here is the heart of Venice and the magical place every tourist is searching in the wrong place for!

Let your feeling guide you and your feed take you on a journey — Venice is the right place!

1. Discover hidden treasures spread around Venice

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Lost in Venice Lost in Venice
Lost in Venice Lost in Venice
Lost in Venice Lost in Venice
Lost in Venice Lost in Venice
Lost in Venice Lost in Venice

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