Combating Human Trafficking in Asia

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A Hidden Scourge

Mimi Vu, advocacy director with the Vietnamese charity Pacific Links Foundation, which helps trafficking survivors, said source countries in Southeast Asia must do more to combat the problem at home before the women are lured abroad.

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It is mainly women in poorer Southeast Asian countries, such as Cambodia and Myanmar, who are targeted to be sold as brides, the United Nations has said. They are usually approached by brokers in rural areas with promises of a job in the city, or they come to the city themselves, from where they are trafficked.

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Mao Map, from anti-trafficking group the Cambodian Human Rights and Development Association, said the Cambodian government must target trafficking ring leaders and clamp down on corruption among law enforcement officials along the border. But Sebastian Boll, a Bangkok-based human trafficking expert, said countries should consider legalizing marriage broker services to regulate the industry given Chinese demand for foreign brides, despite easing its one-child policy in He said overseas marriage is still an attractive option for many poor Southeast Asian women, who lack education and job opportunities at home.

These include:. It is also a powerful tool to get the word out there — raising greater awareness, creating interest and encouraging social change.

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The fight against human exploitation is a team play, not an individual sport. Technology plays a major role in bringing together public, private, civic and international organizations to create networks between the people who know where the needs are, and those that have the solutions to address them.

Despite our best efforts, there is still an incredible amount of work to be done. Only then can we begin to understand how technology is being used by traffickers and how we can then use it to defeat them. Tags: Human Trafficking , Public Sector.

Fighting human trafficking in Asia

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Learn more. The program provides children with training sessions on computer literacy, access to valuable tools and knowledge as well as opportunities to create sharable content that raises public awareness of the human trafficking problem.

Christian Conference of Asia urges all to combat human trafficking — World Council of Churches

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Combating Human Trafficking in Asia Combating Human Trafficking in Asia
Combating Human Trafficking in Asia Combating Human Trafficking in Asia
Combating Human Trafficking in Asia Combating Human Trafficking in Asia
Combating Human Trafficking in Asia Combating Human Trafficking in Asia
Combating Human Trafficking in Asia Combating Human Trafficking in Asia

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