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The human eye is capable of seeing only light with wavelengths between and nanometers. For example, the visible spectrum begins with the wavelengths that we call violet, between and nm, then moves on to blue, green, yellow, and orange, and ends with what we call red, between and nm.

But a red shirt will be reflecting some wavelength between and nm, which your eyes process as red. The trouble in this scientific approach is that some colors considered important in the crayon box are notoriously missing. It depends on how you want to define color. Our back-end infrastructure allows retailers and brands to synchronize their websites with in-store and warehouse inventory, both from mono-brand stores and other suppliers in their distribution network, and facilitate in-store pick-up and consumer returns.

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Leadership Team. Positively Farfetch. Jaqen was never a real person, just a face, and faces can only be used by those who are "no one". To "someone", a face is poison, and Arya Stark is rendered blind.

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After some time as a beggar on the streets of Braavos, Arya is brought back to the house by Jaqen. Her sight is returned by her drinking water from the central pool at Jaqen's instruction.

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By drinking it with the knowledge that it is poisoned, she has proved that she has no fear and can become "no one". Instead, she develops sympathy for Crane and refuses to complete her mission. The Waif reports this to Jaqen and is given permission to dispatch Arya. The Waif fulfills Arya's original mission by killing Crane, and is killed herself by Arya after she is lured into a dark area, where Arya can fight effectively due to the earlier punishment she received.

Arya places the Waif's face in the Hall of Faces and threatens Jaqen with Needle, accusing him of telling the Waif to kill her.

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Jaqen declares that she has become "no one" by killing the Waif, but she refuses this and leaves the House as "Arya Stark of Winterfell", to Jaqen's approval. The Hall of Faces was actually built as a fully realized set: instead of making one pillar slightly taller than the actors filled with masks and then doubling it up digitally, multiple pillars over thirty feet tall were built to fill out the entire room.

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The production team even invested the time and resources to make fully individualized face masks in this set, each unique and handcrafted. The main hall of the House of Black and White was built at the TV series's main interior studios at the Paint Hall in Belfast, Northern Ireland - so-called because it was originally a large shipyard where parts of the RMS Titanic were painted; it was later converted into the largest filming studio in Europe. In order to make the large cistern of poisoned water that appears in the middle of the hall, the construction team had to dig down into the floor - and in the process, they discovered some of the tram tracks originally used in the old shipyard to transport pieces of the Titanic over a century ago.

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It has no windows and has a black tile roof. Its wooden doors are twelve feet high and carved. The left door is weirwood , the right ebony. In the center of the doors is a carved moon face ebony on weirwood, weirwood on ebony. Its grey stone steps lead down to the dock.

Black & White Black & White
Black & White Black & White
Black & White Black & White
Black & White Black & White
Black & White Black & White
Black & White Black & White

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