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The waiter apologized profusely and called the manager who did the same.

With no intention to judge anyone, I was just appalled at the sheer dichotomy of words and actions, whereby they were whining and complaining about their work environment for those exact same behaviors of impatience and intolerance, which they were guilty of themselves, in another work environment, without even realizing it. If we want to live a simpler, happier life, we need to go back to basics and rekindle the values of empathy, tolerance, compassion, trust and love in ourselves. Where do we start? For me, back to basics is a journey of simplification to a fulfilling, soulful life.

I firmly believe that deep down we are all good human beings who are born and raised with good morals and values.

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As we grow up and let life happen to us, with all its issues and challenges, we get to a point where our core essence is suppressed and overshadowed. All we need is to de-clutter our lives from these complications and superficialities to reconnect with our core. Know who you are and what is important to you.

Step back to re discover your essence: the values and beliefs you hold dear and the strengths that you possess. Once this is done, align every choice and decision in your life to it.

Back to Basics

From daily activities to major decisions. Since we only have so many hours in a day, now I ensure that I do not waste time being bored to death in activities or with people that do not interest me.

Slow down! What about that awesome to-do list of yours with a million and one tasks? Go through it again and think about every task on the list, do you really want to do it? Is it necessary?

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Can it wait until tomorrow? Have a want-to list instead of a to-do list. There is compelling evidence that we get more done when we slow down.

Back to Basics

Slowing down frees up our mind and allows for more creative and intuitive thinking. It makes us better listeners as we are present in the moment. Stop sweating the small stuff. Nothing in life is perfect and in your quest for perfectionism, you spend way too much time on things that could have followed the famous rule. Couple that with being highly results oriented and you get someone who will passionately work day and night to get the job done, almost perfectly, while hardly being able to enjoy the creative process. Ditch the screen! With all your hi-tech devices and tools, you are still working longer and harder.

Without the usual overstimulation, you will realize how long those two hours of the day were and thank me for many important things you got done.

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Adopt minimalism as a lifestyle. Instead, after having the clarity of your core values, needs and wants, you need to take stock of all the material inventory you possess and assess whether you really have more than needed. Less is more. Life is all about memories. Walk away from haters! Negative thoughts, emotions and people drain you by sucking all your energy.

How to deal with it? See the tip below, the best saved for the last. Allow yourself to recognize all you have. Gratitude takes practice. Embrace the invitation to be still and have your heart swell with gratitude when, in consequence, the scattered puzzle pieces of life begin to fall into place. We invite you to step into this room as you would enter a garden—wander, examine, and appreciate the details.

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Back to Basics Back to Basics
Back to Basics Back to Basics
Back to Basics Back to Basics
Back to Basics Back to Basics
Back to Basics Back to Basics
Back to Basics Back to Basics
Back to Basics Back to Basics
Back to Basics Back to Basics
Back to Basics

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