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The movement required is very small, but once the bottom edge comes free, you carefully lift the keyboard up completely exposing a thin cable and the second RAM slot. The swap out memory from either slot, spread the small metal clips out on each side which releases the RAM and allows it to tilt up. Once the memory is at roughly a 30 to degree angle pull it out and away from the connector.

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Installation is reverse of removal, with the memory inserted first at a slight angle making sure it is fully seated and then pressed down and clipped into position. There are a few combinations that get you the best of both worlds though, which we will cover in this upgrade guide. Generally speaking, users turn to hard drives for high capacity and affordability, but the downside is they are much slower than an SSD. SSDs offer great performance but currently none come close to the storage capacity or affordability of hard drives This combo gives you as much storage capacity as you could want, while still keeping flash-storage in the driver's seat.

The ThinkPad T supports a total of three storage devices including the primary 2. Even the low-tech user, with a bit of patience, can easily access all of these drive bays to install a new drive or upgrade an old one. For most users the primary bay will be the main focus of their upgrade. The easiest swap is removing the old hard drive and installing your own fast SSD. The primary storage bay is accessed through a panel on the bottom of the notebook, held in place by a single Phillips head screw.

With the screw removed, lift the cover out of the way, exposing the drive on its caddy resting in the computer. To remove the drive, carefully grip the plastic pull tab and tilt up about 1cm and pull it out of the system. Once the caddy is outside of the system, pull off the rubber rails exposing the screws that retain the drive in the tray. A physical standby database can take advantage of the rolling upgrade feature provided by a logical standby.

This is supported for rolling upgrades from Oracle Database release Oracle Data Guard Concepts and Administration for information about upgrading using standby databases. When you upgrade to a new release of Oracle software, the operating system requirements may have changed. If required, upgrade the operating system before upgrading Oracle Database.

The Oracle Database Installation Guide for your platform to obtain a list of supported operating systems. Your operating system-specific documentation for information about how to perform an operating system upgrade. When using DBUA or when performing a manual upgrade for Oracle Database, you cannot directly migrate or transport data in a database on one operating system to a database on another operating system.

You must follow procedures specific to your operating system platforms. For a discussion of transporting data across platforms, see Oracle Database Administrator's Guide. Oracle Database Administrator's Guide for information on transporting data across platforms.

In an Oracle GoldenGate replication environment, you can perform an online database upgrade to the current release of Oracle Database. Using an Oracle GoldenGate replication environment minimizes database downtime during upgrading. Oracle GoldenGate is an excellent method to minimize downtime during planned maintenance, including application and database upgrades, in addition to platform migrations. Oracle GoldenGate is an Oracle product sold independently of Oracle Database for Oracle and third-party database management systems.

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Upgrading to Oracle Database 12 c using Oracle GoldenGate consists of the following high-level steps. Unless specified, refer to the Oracle GoldenGate documentation library for procedures. Set up a standby database running the earlier database software release using an existing database backup. Upgrade the standby database to Oracle Database 12 c. Upgrade the primary database to Oracle Database 12 c after comprehensive application testing at standby. See Oracle Database Testing Guide for information about testing a database upgrade.

After testing, see Chapter 3, "Upgrading Oracle Database.

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If you upgrade an 11 g database to Oracle Database 12 c without deleting the 11 g data security roles, then any data security policies that include a data security role are invalid in the Oracle Database 12 c database. If you are upgrading from a database earlier than Oracle Database release The olspreupgrade. Running the olspreupgrade. Once you have upgraded to Oracle Database release As a safety measure, Oracle recommends that you archive your audit trail as described in Oracle Database Security Guide before running the olspreupgrade.

If Oracle Label Security is installed on your database, and you are upgrading from an earlier release, then you must run the OLS preprocess script before upgrading. Before you upgrade databases that use Oracle Database Vault, you must be aware of certain requirements, especially for upgrading a CDB. When upgrading Oracle Database release If you are upgrading Oracle Database release If you are upgrading a CDB, then you must run dvsys. If Oracle Label Security is installed in the earlier release that you are upgrading, then you must run the OLS preprocess olspreupgrade.

If Oracle Database Vault is not installed with your release You can continue running your applications on the database while the OLS preprocess script is running.

Software Upgrade Process: 17 Steps To Follow

After the olspreupgrade. You may continue running your applications on the database while the OLS preprocess script is running. OWB is not installed as part of the software for Oracle Database 12 c , and OWB components that may exist in earlier releases are not upgraded as part of the Oracle Database upgrade process.

However, you can use OWB release OWB releases earlier than release You can use OWB release Keep Existing OWB Oracle provides a patch update that enables OWB If you have an existing standalone OWB Install Oracle Database 12 c software and follow the database upgrade instructions as described in Chapter 3, "Upgrading Oracle Database. If OWB release You run OWB from this Oracle home. Apply patch to the Oracle Database release This patches the OWB installation. If OWB This step ensures all files and subdirectories are copied to the new OWB location.

If you are upgrading an Oracle RAC database, then you must perform the following steps in the order shown:. Perform operating system prerequisite checks on each of the nodes that you intend to upgrade, to ensure that they meet the system prerequisites for Oracle Grid Infrastructure Oracle Clusterware and Oracle ASM.

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If necessary, perform patch upgrades of the earlier release of Oracle Clusterware software to the most recent patch version. Ensure that you are logged in as the user that owns the Oracle Grid Infrastructure installation, and run the Oracle Grid Infrastructure installation. Provide information as prompted by the installer. When prompted, open a separate terminal session, log in as root , and run root. Oracle Grid Infrastructure Installation Guide for your operating system. After upgrading Oracle Clusterware, follow the instructions in your Oracle operating system-specific documentation to prepare for installation of Oracle Database software and start the Oracle Universal Installer.

You can preview the types of items DBUA checks, and see any issues ahead of time that might be present in the database. The Pre-Upgrade Information Tool helps you fix prerequisite issues that it finds. You can then run DBUA independently after the installation is complete. When installation of Oracle Database software has completed successfully, click Exit to close Oracle Universal Installer. The software for Oracle Database 12 c contains a full release that includes all the latest patches and updates for Oracle Database.

After upgrading, Oracle recommends that you check for patches and patch set updates as a part of database administration. My Oracle Support provides detailed notes on how to obtain the latest patches, plus tools for lifecycle management and automated patching. After you have installed the software for Oracle Database 12 c , you must analyze your database before upgrading it to the new release. This is done by running the preupgrd.

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The Pre-Upgrade Information Tool generates fixup scripts that you can run to resolve issues that are flagged in the source database. Oracle Database 12 c introduces the preupgrd.

An Upgraders Guide An Upgraders Guide
An Upgraders Guide An Upgraders Guide
An Upgraders Guide An Upgraders Guide
An Upgraders Guide An Upgraders Guide
An Upgraders Guide An Upgraders Guide

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