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Please report any such activity to Frank Marrero. Imagine if it could be different, real person-centred learning that takes account of what we know, understand and do. Organisations that are trusted reap the benefits, customer loyalty grows, staff satisfaction increases and the best people want to work for them. We help build trust through evidencing competence.

Grey Matters: a practical tool for searching health-related grey literature

When staff are faced with sheep-dip training, they lose interest, faith and trust in the organisations that they work for. That way, only the learning to fill gaps is required and you have team members who have evidence of their competence.

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Where it all started. The Grey Matter Group was founded on the idea that there was a better way to support health and social care providers ensure their staff met the needs of the people they cared for.

A five day programme split over several months that can give you the knowledge, understanding and competence to be an inspirational leader. Eddie, our Service Management and Customer Relationship Manager takes five minutes out to explain why the correct answer is often as unique as the person asking the question.

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More than 25 years ago, a weak correlation was found between IQ and overall brain size. Others have suggested that level of intelligence is due to the size of the frontal lobe. Now, however, a common view is that more subtle characteristics are likely to be involved, such as the speed at which nerve impulses travel in the brain, or the number of neuronal connections present.

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This study challenges that idea, suggesting that the volume of certain brain regions may have an effect after all. Richard Haier from the University of California, Irvine, and colleagues used magnetic resonance imaging to measure the amount of grey matter in the brains of 47 adults, who also took standard IQ tests.

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The researchers divided the brain into sections and imaged the amount of grey matter in each one. Grey matter is a diffuse network of brain regions thought to be involved in information processing. It is rich in nerve cell bodies and looks grey to the naked eye.

A Grey Matter A Grey Matter
A Grey Matter A Grey Matter
A Grey Matter A Grey Matter
A Grey Matter A Grey Matter
A Grey Matter A Grey Matter
A Grey Matter A Grey Matter

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